Another Prepping Alarm Bell: And some frustration

Just read an article:

What If The Next Major Cyberattack Brought Down The Internet?

The fall-out of such a scenario mentioned here is a very good reason to be getting people to use resources such as Ixthus Catacombs. I just learned of another community called Endtimesurvivors. I would like to be able to get people on board with Ixthus Catacombs as well. I don’t know why, maybe people have their heads in the sand that nothing like what I’ve foreseen or what this author foresees will ever come to pass. But as I’ve said before, I am NOT a last-minute person! The very idea of having to scramble to get something done is an immediate stressor for me and I much prefer getting things out of the way sooner than later so there is no scrambling when the need arises. Unfortunately, it seems I am surrounded by people who aren’t looking that far down the road, don’t see the need to prepare, and will be caught flatfooted worse than I will be, because I saw it coming and wished they’d get on board with preparations early.

I believe in community such that you know how to do things I don’t. You can do things I can’t and vice versa. IN community, we can meet each other’s needs this way. One person doesn’t have to think that they must seriously provide everything for themselves and no one else. Not everyone around you has the tools and wherewithal that you do and vice versa. We need to relearn how to live in supportive, actively-supportive, meeting-basic-needs-supportive, community!

After reading this article, I did another backup of my “day job”‘s accounting database as I self-host that on my webhosting account. But if I had to suddenly keep my books offline, I’d need prior information to continue doing that with, and by Canadian Law, I need that stuff for up to 10 years after the fact anyway.

One method of “offline” communication this author hasn’t thought of, but that I’ve kept a tab open about, is the use of bluetooth to create mesh networks offline. At this point, it may be wise to install as many of these apps on your phone as you can, so that you aren’t limited to one only to learn someone you have to contact is on another one and now you can’t load it. These work best in fairly close proximity as you can see. But if you don’t know how to use HAM radio and don’t have the funds to get into it either, these can help.

But the alarm is sounding, and anyone closing their ears is going to be met with a rude wake-up call. Will the Internet be down forever? No. One way or another, it will carry on because the A/C needs it for his purposes when the Mark of the Beast is instituted. It is a necessary endtime tool. However, exercises such as the one in this blog article here will show the very stark need to ensure the Internet isn’t our only source of goods and services.


I decided to go through and search each of the programs listed in the communication article. Firechat is based on and stored on Google’s Firebase database. While Google is to be applauded for ensuring Arabs had Internet access while Arab Spring was going down across North Africa, Egypt and Syria, their recent behaviour regarding “misinformation” and censorship has me dubious that they remain safe to use.

Signal Offline has reports in the reviews of difficulty connecting across different versions of Android, so not wanting to cause trouble, that one is out of the testing. Our household uses only Android, so I can’t look into Vojer.

Bridgefy just knocked itself out of the running in my own test by asking for both bluetooth and location. I knew it needed bluetooth, but I won’t turn on location. Keep location off to avoid Google’s forced contact tracing taking effect on your android device!

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