Punish Those Nasty Sheeple!!!

Dig up the dirt, pile on the accusations, shut them down! This is what happens when you stand up to the “official narrative”! Make an example of these, and the pizza shop in a town not far from me, and ideally people will back down and be good little sheep to the slaughter! I just told my church office this morning that I could come in, but I have three issues: 1) transportation as we have on vehicle and I have to ride in with the kids which right now, is problematic due to 2) I have a Dr’s note for not wearing a mask, and then 3) I refuse to sign any contact tracing sheets! Yes, my church complies with all of that for anything in-person! I also ended up losing a potential new techsupport client because I prefered to handle the call remotely. I am a self-employed small business! Needless to say, I was logging into my CRA account to once again apply for self-employed base-line support because I’d normally be getting booked for small-to-mid-sized soundtech events right now too, starting back around Easter time. May and June usually have me and a friend run off our feet with soundtech events until they peter out again over the summer, to resume in the fall.

But whether it’s surprisingly from Christian quarters, or unsurprisingly from liberal, secular quarters, those who refuse to tow the official narrative are getting soundly disciplined here in BC Canada!



This is why I am trying to get word out about my own concept for building our own infrastructure and supply chains. When I find myself in need of something, I ask myself how that need’s answer can be crafted to help others, not just myself. People on the front lines are losing their livelihoods over this! I don’t necessarily consider myself to be on the front lines, but I am “the small guy” and refusing to tow the party line is affecting me as well!

My own concept now has it’s own subdomain on my hosting account: https://ixthuscatacombs.fa-ct.com/wp/ I’d seriously welcome testers who a) are not going with the flow b) who aren’t getting the vaccine for any number of reasons, and c) who could benefit from giving and receiving goods, services, skills, abilities, or talents, no matter how rudimentary they may seem. The vendor system is nothing more than a list of offers at the moment, but there are ways other parts of the site could be used to round it all out in a manner that is very simple at the moment.

As believers, we have to take action to stay viable, which means looking after our own needs, the needs of each other, and then the needs of those around us. Scripture says to do good to those around us, and particularly to those of the household of faith. So testing this one concept website starts in the House of God!

It’s crazy what BC and Alberta are doing now! What did God put in YOUR hand for this time and space?!


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    This is all pretty much insanity on steroids 🙁

    Supposedly, the test numbers are going up because the fakecine causes shedding. So everyone who gets vaxxed and lives is spreading the virus via shedding.

    At this point, I look forward to the rapture. Doesn’t matter to me if I’m one of the 144K or not. As I’m trying my damnedest to see the bright spot, and that would be that I won’t have to listen to this garbage from the satanists anymore 😉

    I can’t remember the name of the movie, just searched it, 1988, it’s called, They Live. Starring Roddy Piper. It’s about an alien takeover and the only way to see the aliens is with special glasses. I feel like i’m in it, and I have the glasses.

    The premise is the same. Once you are awake, you can’t go back to sleep.

    But we’re all still here sooooo, I’m glad I know how to make mead 😉

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    Yes, you can’t unsee what God has revealed to you, nor can you unsee what simple discernment has revealed either. I feel as if I’m living in a movie these days myself, complete with movie-style removal of threats to the villians trying to run the show. Someone else asked what nightmare they’d woke up in. And then there are those who think that Christians who are against the narrative are somehow possessed! Just saw that note in a group I’m in on MeWe… I didn’t read the whole thing. . . just wow. . .

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