When Following the Rules Still Has Consequences!

View of the Okanagan lake from Castanet's webcam 2010It was with some interest and confirmation that I recently read the following “Letter to the Editor” of a local online news outlet:


This kind of mindset and perspective is why I am building my concept site: The Ixthus Catacombs! No one told me to do it. But the fact there are people out there such as this person who wrote this “letter to the editor”, shows that even those among the pro-vax crowd see the handwriting on the wall and will eventually be outside protesting themselves!

I can’t do things last-minute! My mental, emotional and physical health won’t allow it. Even a timed game I play over at swagbucks, when the timer starts the 10 second countdown, I often freeze, literally. I can no longer scan the board for my next move as quickly once I catch sight of that countdown. Therefore, I am building the Ixthus Catacombs early, before it’s needed.

There is a paid addon to the simplified “vendor” system that would turn the Catacombs gamification into a type of in-catacombs currency, not merely repurposed for this simple vendor concept. There are a wide range of ways the “currency” can be earned and the vendor concept is merely one of them. But such a system could facilitate a kind of community barter system among the members. A system that could be put into use with or without the current societal changes taking place. It is my hope to find 10 more testers, ideally from various countries as well as regions around North America, to put the “vendor” system through a series of tests.

One friend has been an amazing help through several iterations of the vendor system to date and her feedback has already helped smooth out a number of wrinkles around the place.

If you know people who could benefit from this type of a site, pass this site on to them and tell them to register. As of yet, there aren’t many places online where I am sharing the link publicly. But when I read ‘Letters to the Editor’ like the one below, I have to keep going.

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