Why are You Here? What Brought You to Us?

Why are you here?!

That sounds like an odd question to ask, but your answer to that question will decide how you use this site and where you begin to use it. Let’s look at some of the reasons you may have come here:

1) You saw the name come up in a search engine and you’re curious what this site is about. When it comes to learning what any site is about, it is a good idea to first scan the home page from top to bottom. Get a feel for what the site is saying right there at the front of the site. Secondly, a great place to learn about a site is visiting the “About” link, typically found near the left of most site top menu bars. If the site has blog articles, news articles, etc, read some of them to learn more about how the owners of the site think and feel about the world and how that ties into the site they built and manage.


2) You heard about a community of believers that support each other away from the oversight of “big tech”. You might begin where point 1 began, but then you will choose to register for the site and log in. At this point, more menu items show up in the top menu bar that weren’t there before. As someone seeking community, you’ll be interested in first visiting the Catacombs Wall and scrolling for awhile to get used to the general vibe of the larger community. You might visit the groups link under the Wall’s top menu bar entry and browse the available groups, maybe joining some here and there. You’ll want to visit your own profile, checking out the available options to you there, and perhaps editing some of it. You’ll want to visit the members tab or run Catacomb searches to see if there are members who share common ground and make friends.

3) You came here because you either found us in the search engines, on another social network or heard from someone that we might have something you need now that you can’t get it in previously traditional ways. You’ll want to register for the community, then once you are inside, run a search for the item or service you are looking for. You might want to see who is in your area and run a search on the name of your town, state, or country. You might wish to go up to the Catacomb’s Wall menu and click on “groups” to browse groups to join that might meet the need you came with.

books4) You came here because you heard this was a good way to offer the skills, abilities, talents, giftings, goods or services that God gave you. You may be an expert or you may be have very rudimentary offerings, but in either case, you want to be of service to your fellow believers whether for free as neighbours or for a fee as a business. In this case, you’ll register for the site, and your first stop will be to your profile to fill out your location tab, and edit your profile tab as completely as you can. Only share as much or as little as you are comfortable being found by those who arrived for point 3’s reason above. If you can’t be found in searches around the site, you’ll have to make sure you do the next step, which is to find groups you can join where you can extend your offer, or if no groups represent your offer or no groups are found for your area, creating those groups yourself. You’ll want to scan the Catacombs Wall at least once a day for new activity that you can contribute to in some way.

5) You came here because someone said you could list your helpful event, to position it to those who may need or want what happens there. Events such as “Appliance Repair Day” where people bring their broken appliances for repair by retired handymen for example, or “Closet Cleanout Day”, great for people who otherwise need to replace some clothing but can’t shop the way they used to. In this case, register for the site, then go to your profile and click the events tab, or click on Events in the top menu bar to list your event. Perhaps join groups that would benefit from your event to share the link to your event there.

6) You’re an instructor or professor who can’t teach anymore due to stringent rules related to the new normal that you can’t abide by. Perhaps you aren’t a prior instructor or professor somewhere, but you ARE amazing at a particular task and everyone says you should teach it! Maybe you are a mentor or a coach and can’t teach on the platforms once open to you because you don’t tow the official narrative. You heard that the Ixthus Academy was accepting new instructors. Your first step is to register to join the site, and your second step is to click the Ixthus – Teach a Course link up under Ixthus Academy in the top menu bar, and apply to become an Ixthus instructor. Feel free once accepted, to not only set about creating your course, but also create a group for your course where your students can support each other as they progress. If you are teaching a vocational, handyman, household, domestic, or other type of hands-busy subject, encourage your students to fill out their profiles as they gain this new skill, so that they can offer it to the Ixthus Catacombs.

Whatever it is that brings you to the Ixthus Catacombs, we are here to help! Hopefully this list of suggested ways to use the site will be your first step to finding your place in the Ixthus Catacombs.

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